What food do baby boomers like?

Like cream of wheat, semolina is a soft staple of the classic American breakfast. People must have had extremely weak teeth in the past if everything they liked to eat was viscous, soft, or creamy. Worse yet, the mild flavor requires the addition of cheesy additives along with toast and bacon, perfect for those who don't have teeth to chew on. We refuse to believe that anyone would eat them alone, so the health benefits are questionable.

Admit it, grits are only enjoyed once tons of salt and butter complement it. Neither the Cracker Barrell advertising nor the trips to grandpa's farm will convince millennials that they should keep their nutritious wheat toast with avocado. Despite having a variety of spices readily available, baby boomers choose to stick with Mrs. Dash to spice up all your food.

They just aren't willing to let it go. Maybe plain jelly is fine if you have food poisoning and can't physically bear the thought of eating anything else, but jelly salads are one of the worst inventions and a major contributor to making the 70s the worst time for American food. It also includes news from the Winter Fancy Food Show and “Sin City Specialties”, profiles of some new dining destinations in the program's host city, Las Vegas. Millennials approach feel-good food simply as the food that makes them feel good about their food choices.

Baby boomers are big fans of Italian food, but what they think is that Italian food isn't the authentic Italian food that Italians eat.

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