What are some of the biggest food trends of 2023 in the united states?

In recent years, pumpkin spices, kimchi, and Korean cuisine in general have gained popularity among Americans eager to try new things. At one point in the history of the United States, canned fish, despite its environmental benefits and its prominence in European culture, was frowned upon and considered a small amount of food. The affordability, climate-friendly nature and, frankly, the absolutely delicious characteristics of canned sardines, anchovies, mackerel and the like have made canned fish one of the most popular products on the market. Do you want to try the sea? Scoop is a big fan of the 12 Tides Kelp Chips and Trader Joe's Seaweed snack packs.

Since a new food trend seems to appear every week, it can be difficult to keep track of the best ones to try. Since Better Homes %26 Gardens Test Kitchen always works several months in advance to provide recipes for the magazine and other publications, they usually have a pretty good idea of when a new food trend is about to arrive. Whether it's a new and innovative dish from a chef, a baking trick through social media, or a new and tasty way to enjoy bread and butter, it's a lot of fun to follow the latest gastronomic trends. Herbaceous and more ecological flavors are also expected to appear, which will highlight a cultural shift towards food and beverage trends with more natural flavors.

Not only did BHG recall the gastronomic trends of the last 100 years, but the world of social networks began to recreate dishes.

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